The kN is our everyday, all-objects, standard BASE container system. For 2016, the kN has been updated with new features and refined shaping.

The kN comes standard with a 3-ring release system, dynamic corners, stainless hardware, Koroyd or D3O back protector, and more – see details below. All in a sleek and compact design. This durable harness/container system is equally at home on urban missions, cliff sites, or any object you seek. Overall, it is a dependable system for jumpers of all skill levels and experience.


  • Super Comfy
  • All Options Included
  • Dynamic Corners
  • Floor Plate Closing Option
  • Choose Koroyd or D3O Back Protection
  • New Refined 3D Shape
  • New Cable-Key 3-Ring Risers

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Download the latest kN manual

Download the latest kN Risers manual



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