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If you liked the FLiK, you’re going to love the FLiK II, the latest revision of our popular BASE canopy.

The FLiK II retains the same airfoil as the original FLiK, providing the consistent openings, reliable heading control and perfect glide ratio that you’ve come to love. But after extensive research, we reshaped the top surface, updated the seam construction and adjusted the internal reinforcements and nose geometry. The result? The FLiK II is more responsive, stable and has a more powerful flare. You’ll also notice its improved performance in slow-speed flight.

The Canopy Everyone Loves to Fly...Only Better

The FLiK II is the perfect all-around canopy for the BASE environment. Slider-up, the openings are positive and consistent. Slider-off, the openings are brisk and reliable.

Standard features

The FLiK II features Vtec (three of seven cell vent configuration), a large mesh slider, color­-coded line attachment tabs for easy packing, and a tail pocket support system (Multi-2) for consistent deployments. It also comes standard with a top-loading tail pocket, a system that significantly reduces the instance of line dump.

Top Load Tail Pocket Instructions

A second toggle setting, which allows the canopy to fly the same with or without the slider, is included. Lines are white with red tailgate-friendly lines, although you can choose black and red for no additional charge.

  • Starting at $1,800 USD
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • 11 different sizes, ranging from 200 square feet to 300 square feet

Looking to reduce weight and bulk? For an additional charge, the FLiK II is also available in Ultralite fabric.


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