OSP 225 UL (PIA 240) / Zak2

Brand New

- Container - All black. Harness is articulated and has saddlebags. 

Canopy Colors: Cells 1,2,6,7 - Silver. Cells 3,4,5 - Black

Black lines 

Harness sizing: 

Height: 165cm

Chest: 91cm 

Waist: 84cm 

Torso: 45cm 

Leg: Pad 76cm

Weight: 62kg

This package comes with a bunch of goodies including: large hole mesh slider, Adrenalin line release toggles, Adrenaline 38" PC, and 46" Toxic, box with tailgates, rubbers, extra bridle, static line material, clamps, packing stake, and Laser range finder. 

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