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Cleaner Openings. Optimized Flight. Better Landings.

Fly With Unparalleled Stability, Efficiency and Power.

As a BASE Jumper, you’ve never experienced anything as confidence-inspiring as the Apex BASE Lobo. The result of six years of intensive research, development and testing, the Lobo represents a ground-up redesign for BASE jumpers of all skill levels. We made it to tackle the most demanding BASE jumping environments, from slider-up to slider-down and back again. We made it for you.

Redefining What a BASE Parachute Can Do

While other companies have been content to refine existing BASE parachute technology, Apex BASE has redefined what is possible. First, the Lobo features a larger aspect ratio (2.06 :1) and a larger camber, increasing available lift and delivering noticeably greater stability in slow flight. Second, the Lobo’s design integrates a technological crossover from paragliding and skydiving: a rolled-over nose, which retains pressure in low-speed situations and creates a smoother airflow over the airfoil. Third, the Lobo’s optimized crossports and upper control line configuration significantly improves control and flare power. Take it from our diverse testing team: you’ll appreciate these changes from the very first jump.

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