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Back in 2007 we released the first LD+, which laid the foundations for the Hybrid LD series to become a hugely popular container for trackers and wingsuit pilots. Continuing on this success, we are now proud to bring you the latest evolution in the Series, the LD3.

This new container has jumper safety, comfort and build quality at the forefront and features an all-new design.

The container is now longer in the body, which allows for easier access to the BOC. This is particularly useful for jumpers flying larger wingsuits and offers a more comfortable pull for trackers.

Newly designed free corners feature a more rounded design, making access to the BOC easier and allowing the handle to be positioned closer to the edge of the container, while still keeping it secure. 

The riser covers are directly integrated in the side flaps of the container, providing the perfect tension and complete closure, even at the highest speeds of freefall.
With no plastic stiffener, the comfort offered to the jump is optimal, irrespective of attachment type – direct harness (soft bars) or 3 ring system.

We’ve learned a lot through the evolution of the LD series and have worked hard to produce our most aerodynamic container yet.
The new corners help keep your canopy perfectly in place throughout your jump and ensure the thinnest pack job possible.

LD3 is longer and thinner than its predecessors, featuring no trim tape, which maintains the smoothest possible surface possible.

The pilot chute is integrated into the profile of the container as its placement is optimized by the new free corners. 

The LD3 is easy to pack with unrivalled comfort in use, fitting perfectly to your back. 

As standard, the container is built with cordura and parapack fabric, which offers the best combination of weight and durability. For those looking for a lighter weight option, we also offer a lightweight version of LD3 in cordura light and nylon Cameron. This is 10% lighter than standard, while still offering a high level of durability. 

Hybrid LD3 Standard

  • Custom Hybrid LD harness container with color selection
  • Soft bars Integrity risers The risers are part of the harness. Light, flexible, simple, ideal for the majority of jumps.
  • BRT toggles
  • Dynamics corners
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Front riser dive loops
  • Hook knife
  • 2 pin bridle
  • Classic stash bag black or grey
  • Packing DVD
  • One T-Shirt


  • ABX harness: This is a highly recommended option. Read more at https://www.facebook.com/notes/10153284459848751/ 
  • 3 ring release: A cutaway system may be useful if you jump near rivers or in urban areas. This system adds a small amount of extra weight to the harness. The cutaway features stainless steel hardware, which is optimized for maximum strength. The cutaway is not compatible with the ABX harness.
  • Articulated harness: This articulates the harness at the hips using stainless steel rings. It provides flexibility to the harness, but adds a small amount of extra weight to the container. Articulation is compatible with the standard harness, but not ABX
  • Leg pad pockets: These are useful for storing small items. A pocket on each thigh which is closed with a waterproof zip (ideal incase you have a water landing, jumping in the rain or want a water gun battle on the way to the exit). 
  • Personalized embroidery: Add a personalized touch to your container! Although each container can be made individual through the colour choices we offer, we know that some want a little more. This option allows for custom embroidery, all colors available.
  • Fabrics: We offer differents ccombinations :
    1 – Cordura outside / Standard Parapack inside. This is the standard version, offering the maximum strength and durability.
    2 – Cordura outside / Cameroon Light inside & backpad. Offering similar strength and durability, it offers a weight saving of 10% over the standard parapack.
    3 – Parapack outside / Cameroon Light inside & backpad. The lightest weight version.



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