Adrenalin Base present the third version of the Hybrid, the Hybrid 3.

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Keeping and further improving the strong features of its predecessors: ergonomics, strength and versatility, Hybrid3 has been developed from extensive feedback of experience of the model since its creation, from the progress in our Research & Development and our constantly innovative manufacturing process.



  • even more improved profile, fitting it even closer to the body
  • optimisation of different sizes to adapt to different chest levels
  • packing made even easier thanks to firmly closed riser covers (inspired by LD3) and the container profile allowing better placement of a canopy in the container, reducing exterior folds and guaranteeing the better profile, once the container is closed.


  • the container is slightly longer in the body, but still within the standard length, without extension, to avoid the risk of getting a bridle hooked up on low jumps. 
  • no external trim tape - “low drag” - inspired by LD3
  • integrated riser covers, as in LD3


  • new free corners design offers complete protection of the bridle, as well as improved streamline of free corners form.
  • slightly     rounded bottom corners allow even more comfortable pilot chute access.
  • increased versality thanks to possibility of placing the top loop on the top flap or in the bottom of the container.
  • The loop placed on the flap facilitates placement of a canopy in the container and reduces the tension on the loops improving container performance on low jumps.
  • The integrated into the flap tab has been specifically designed to open/close the eyelet and to preserve the loop.

Hybrid3 continues the vision of its predecessors: multipurpose and comfortable container, as perfect for in the city, or in countryside.. or in the mountains!

Wind tunnel test

Wind tunnel testing of the Adrenalin HYBRID rig compared to a “classic” rig design, as the ZAK, performed by VKB, summer 2006. With the help of Hans Holmefjord, Oyvind Lokeberg performed as the test dummy, wearing two different suits (track suit & wingsuit).  He got lots of data (lift, drag, glide ratio,…)  The setup with HYBRID rig showed lower drag in all tests of approximately 10-15 % compared to using the classic design.  The reduced drag forces contributed to an overall better glide ratio, between 5 and 20%.

Hybrid 3 Standard

  • Custom Hybrid harness container with color selection
  • Soft bars Integrity risers The risers are part of the harness. Light, flexible, simple, ideal for the majority of jumps.
  • BRT toggles
  • Dynamics corners
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Front riser dive loops
  • Hook knife
  • Two pins bridle
  • Classic stash bag black or grey
  • Packing DVD
  • One T-Shirt


  • ABX harness: This is a highly recommended option. Read more at https://www.facebook.com/notes/10153284459848751/ 
  • 3 ring release: A cutaway system may be useful if you jump near rivers or in urban areas. This system adds a small amount of extra weight to the harness. The cutaway features stainless steel hardware, which is optimized for maximum strength. The cutaway is not compatible with the ABX harness.
  • Articulated harness: This articulates the harness at the hips using stainless steel rings. It provides flexibility to the harness, but adds a small amount of extra weight to the container. Articulation is compatible with the standard harness, but not ABX
  • Leg pad pockets: These are useful for storing small items. A pocket on each thigh which is closed with a waterproof zip (ideal incase you have a water landing, jumping in the rain or want a water gun battle on the way to the exit). 
  • Personalized embroidery: Add a personalized touch to your container! Although each container can be made individual through the colour choices we offer, we know that some want a little more. This option allows for custom embroidery, all colors available.
  • Fabrics: We offer differents ccombinations :
    1 – Cordura outside / Standard Parapack inside. This is the standard version, offering the maximum strength and durability.
    2 – Cordura outside / Cameroon Light inside & backpad. Offering similar strength and durability, it offers a weight saving of 10% over the standard parapack.
    3 – Parapack outside / Cameroon Light inside & backpad. The lightest weight version.

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