The OUTLAW is a docile design that has gained a reputation for stellar heading performance and unmatched deep-brake behavior. HAYDUKE is designed with some of the same features, but is overall less docile.


  • Improved flare
  • More glide performance
  • More agile and compact handling
  • More direct control inputs
  • Similar deep brake stability
  • Similar ease of stall control

If your top priorities are deep-brake performance, accuracy, and passive safety in general, then the OUTLAW remains an excellent choice. If you are looking for a more agile feel and the differences listed above, get HAYDUKE.


HAYDUKE takes modern performance features to the next level, in a more agile and efficient design. The result: Tight handling and improved glide & flare performance, while retaining the ability to sink steep approaches into technical BASE LZs.

Tech Features:

  • FLOAT FLAPS at rear-chord
  • Expanded SLAT System at center span
  • 5 Vents & Advanced Crossports for rapid inflation
  • Next-Gen Brake Stows / Toggle Settings
  • Staggered Brake Cascade
  • New, Refined Profile
  • Low-freefall to terminal performance

Passive Safety: HAYDUKE offers improved glide performance, yet retains the benefit of slow forward speed in DBS. This allows more time for object avoidance in the case of an off-heading. HAYDUKE’s agile handling allows for fast, easy, and efficient (low sink rate) turns using risers or brakes.

Balance & Compromise: Handling, deep brake behavior, and glide performance are features that can be at odds with each other in parachute design. HAYDUKE represents the best balance that we have experienced thus far. Applying deep-brake tech to a sportier profile and trim has resulted in a fun yet dependable and forgiving parachute.

Science & Observation: HAYDUKE is the result of three years of R&D. Equally important, it is the result of three years of focusing on customer and team jumper feedback. You tell, we listen. The result is actual progression that can be felt and experienced.

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